Kristina Camille: Singer + Songwriter

“Music is the link between me and the world; it is the road I use to spread the passions of my heart. Music influences the way I see and interact with everything around me.  It is confirmation that the greatest gifts are the intangibles and they are given from the heart.”

Born in Chattanooga, TN, Singer/Songwriter Kristina Camille possesses “the voice of a kick-ass angel” (The Ithaca Times) and a style repertoire that spans from jazz and old southern soul to world music and beyond. In 2015 she released her first project last year entitled Vivian, in memory of her late-grandmother.

Involved in activism and volunteer work in the Ithaca area, Kristina Camille recently competed in the Miss America pagaent representing her adopted state of New York, finishg as second runner up and delivering a powerful statement in regards to the country’s current state. Her passion for outreach that carries over into her performance and is evident in the soulful depth of her voice.

“She is both unapologetic and approachable, sharing wisdom gained from painful experiences with brave directness.”

– The Cornell Daily Sun